Amazing Grace Photography, who also does business as S&S Wedding Photography, is on a mission to raise money for CoBeAc South Youth Camp in July. Sarah Ryle and Steve Whisler of S&S Weddings will donate half of all proceeds from all weddings prior to July 16, 2012 to the youth camp.

CoBeAc stands for Come, Believe, and Accept. This camp originated in Indiana, and was brought south 17 years ago by Rev. Gary Berrier of The Crossing in Macon, GA. This youth camp is known for very low camper fees, camper scholarships, and its no child left behind policy.

Many of the children who attend CoBeAc only experience the love, caring, and friendship given during this one week of the year only. Many come from broken homes, have a history of abuse, and the only time they have an opportunity to learn about faith and God is this week at camp. Nearly 100 kids look forward to camp CoBeAc year round.

Every year, CoBeAc struggles more and more to keep costs covered and keep their camper fee at a low $100 for the week. This covers everything from food to activities and a tshirt, among many other costs involved in running the camp for a week.

Steve & Sarah spend the week of CoBeAc taking photos and creating CDs for all the campers. They love serving their church and capturing the smiles, fun, and excitement; along with the love, tears, and joy that arise during the week of CoBeAc. At only $100 a camper, they are out to raise at least $1000 by July. This is only a small handful of weddings, and would support 10 campers who may not be able to afford to go to camp otherwise, and help with the camp’s costs.

To do this, Amazing Grace Photography will donate 50% of all wedding proceeds to Camp CoBeAc. Sarah & Steve have an online portfolio at Book your wedding with them today, and know that half of their earnings will go towards this great cause.

If you are interested in sending your child, age 8-18, to youth camp this year, visit The Crossing at or call 478-788-9221.