So this weekend I had a GREAT time with Jessie & Joel photographing their engagement! I will post those soon! But I wanted to share with my fellow photographers the steps I took to remove a sun, or lens flare from the following photo:

This was not an easy task, and many wouldn’t have attempted it, but I had to save this capture. To remove the flare I completed the following steps in Photoshop CS5:

1. Select the flare with the quick selection tool.

2. Go to Image, Adjustments, Hue/Saturation. I adjusted the hue to match the skin as closely as possible. I also adjusted the lightness/darkness to match as closely as possible without ruining the skin. The skin was then still lighter than the part of her face not covered by the flare.

3. Use the healing brush to remove the edge of the sun flare and match the rest of the face exactly. I found it was easier to match the rest of the face to the “flare area” than the flare area to the rest of the face in this case, as the eyes, nose, and part of the lip were covered by the flare.

4. Lasso her entire face, feather about 20-30, and adjusted the brightness and contrast to match the rest of the image.